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Once you have automatic updating configured just the way you want, you can sit back and enjoy one of the best benefits of Plex Media Server: always up-to-date and centralized management of your entire media collection.Hardware: ESP-01 Core Version: 2.3.0 I am using Arduino v1.6.9 on Windows 7 and was using esp8266 library v2.2.0 which was working perfectly.If, however, you use external drive that are sometimes removed from the Plex Media Server computer, you have media shared on the Plex Media Server that is located on a network share of another computer that isn’t always on, or some other situation where media you wish to keep in your library is not always online, check the “Empty trash” option.If you do, every time Plex runs an update scan and fails to see the offline media it will delete it (only to turn around and rescan the media, download all the metadata, and so on, the next time it’s online).You can specify the update frequency in increments as low as every 15 minutes all the way up to once a day.Finally there’s a small consideration regarding library cleanup.If you find that automatic library updating doesn’t work for your system, you can always use the “Update my library periodically” setting to set an update schedule.

It’s not a huge deal on a powerful system, but its a time saver regardless (and it’s quite useful if your Plex Media Server hardware is underpowered).

Click on the Settings tool icon in the upper right corner of the Plex web interface.

Within the Settings menu select the “Server” tab along the top navigation bar and then select “Library” from the left hand navigation panel.

To see all the available options we’ll be highlighting, you need to click on the “Show Advanced” button to fully expand the library options.

With the advanced options visible, you’ll see the following entries in the Library settings menu: There’s several options here and you should consider each one based on where your media is stored and your update needs.

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