Elucidating the structure

Biophysical HOS characterization is also included in regulatory submissions.In recent years, Quality by Design (Qb D) has been suggested by the US FDA and the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH).

Type III secretion system is a key pathogenicity determinant of pathogens that are responsible for some of the most devastating diseases on animals and plants.

We are interested in understand the virulence function and the enzymatic activity of the Hop Z1 effectors.

Some of our recent findings are published in Ma et al. (2016), Nature Structure and Molecular Biology; Ma and Ma (2016) Microbiology and Molecular Biology Review; Zhang et al., (2017), Nature Plants. RNA silencing is a universal gene regulation mechanism in eukaryotes dependent on 20-30 nucleotide (nt) small RNAs.

We use the model plant bacterial pathogenand its natural host soybean to investigate the evolution of type III effectors.

In particular, our work has focused on the Hop Z1 effectors, which belongs to the widely distributed Yop J effector family that possesses a novel Ser/Thr/Lys acetyltransferase activity.

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