Dating antique silver jewelry

This 13 inch long silver tool kit from China has some strong design features like the carved silver rectangles in the hanging chain. This is a rather magnificent antique silver bat adorned tool kit. The bat at the top is 1 7/8 inches wide, just the same as the one below. These are beautiful hammered antique silver pieces of lion like dragons.

The size can be changed but only gently - perhaps a half size larger or smaller.

I have a number of new items including about a dozen bracelets which have just been added below with various pendants and necklaces - - and click on the images to see a full size picture of each item... #2 is a pair of hairpins, very similar to each other though one has a single pin and the other has a pair. The pins also have tiny spoon shapes at the ends - I wonder if they were a cleaning tool as well? Somehow this has a contemporary quality to it as well. Any time I try one on, fastening it at my waist, I wish that such romantic items were a part of our culture as well. Nice old ones like these (and many other items) are becoming scarce now so I was happy to find these.

This is an antique key from Tibet, made of bronze with a nice dark patination to it. The decorative elements are cut deeply and dramatically into the silver. The bracelet has a bit of flexibility to it so opens a little wider if needed when slipping it on. It has a wire work background with decorative elements soldered onto it, decorated with enamelling. The graceful and imaginative decorations are hammered and pierced beautifully.

The bracelet weighs 122 grams which is double that of many other types of bracelets from the area. This is quite a large sized bracelet measuring 2 1/4 inches by 2 3/4 inches across on the inside with a 1 inch wide opening. This is a very appropriate pair of antique silver Chinese bracelets during the year of the dragon as they are decorated with images of dragons. These are always beautifully etched with expressive designs.

This is a beautiful solid silver bracelet worn by the Wa and the Lawa from the area of the Golden Triangle. There is a bracelet similar to this on page 267 of "A World of Bracelets". These bracelets were made by the Hmong people of Thailand. The bracelet is 3 inches in diameter, and the tallest part is 3/4 inch high. The triangle is engraved beautifully on both sides with the same images.

This piece has very expressive floral designs etched into it. The entire piece is 8 inches long and the triangle is 1 5/8 inches wide.

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The original pieces have become very difficult to find and copies abound.

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