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But you'll need either a Mac or an Apple Watch to activate notifications.If you have a Mac, purchase CARROT Weather for Mac from the Mac App Store and keep her running in the background. CARROT has the most advanced set of complications on the App Store: they look nicer, load faster, and display more - and more useful - data than all her competitors.If the satellite hub is located across the ocean from the destination you are pinging, you can expect as much as 1000ms round trip delay.

You can unlock 20 exotic secret locations - like the Moon, Chernobyl, and the Titanic wreck - by following CARROT's snarky clues.

This can speed things up a bit, but you can never overcome the physical delay between the ground and the satellite.

On voice calls, you will sometimes have to wait a second after the other person finishes speaking, to avoid speaking over each other.

Because the satellite is parked 22, 300 miles above the earth, there is a physical time delay for the signal to travel to and from the satellite.

This is a fixed quantity, due to the speed of light, that cannot be changed (unless Einstein was wrong:-).

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